Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to install RedHat Enterprise linux using Custom setttings in Vmware

In this we will install the Linux system by doing the custom settings of our system and not following the express settings.
Follow the images and you will be able to configure your system, make the changes according to your need.

Click on new virtual machine.

Chose "I will install the operating system later" than next

Select the Linux as your operating system than the vendor which you are using.

Set your machine name and location where you want to store it in system.

Select the amount of hard disk you want to give to the virtual machine.

click next after checking all the details are right.

Set the ram size which you want o give to your machine.

You will come up with a blank machine with define settings. Now go to "Edit virtual machine settings".

Go to the CD/DVD and after that select the use ISO image file in right side. browse to the location of the ISO image of your Linux than ok.

Than Power on the machine, the installation will start.

Select your language.

if you have installation no than you can enter it or skip it.

Select Create custom layout.

Than next.

Go to new and set the sectors of your system.

Select / and enter the space which you want to allocate it.

Select /home & /boot and enter the space which you want to allocate it.

Select the swap and enter the twice of the size of you virtual machine ram.

After completing it press next.(you can also create raid and lvm here if you want to)

press next.

according to your network configuration do the host name configuration.

select your area.

Set root password.

if you want to install the Software Development & Web Server packages to be installed than you can do it in the at installation time it self.

than next.

Installation will start.

reboot system after completion.

Fresh system will start.

Do the general setting of the system.

your system is ready and running......

How to install RedHat Enterprise linux using Vmware

RedHat is one of the most popular Linux OS which is available in the market and one of the best one also.
To install the RHEL in your system through Vmware we have to first of all have Vmware Workstation in our system to work as a hypervisio.
After that follow the following steps and you will be able to install RHEL in your system.
There are 2 ways to install the RHEL in vmware firstly by express mode in which Vmware does the settings it self and other mode in which we our self do all the settings, i am going to tell you both the ways

open your Vmware work station

Click on New Virtual machine

IN Installer Disk image browse to the iso image of your RHEL and than next.

Set the system name with the username and password.

Set the name of the machine, the place where you want to install it in hard disk.

Set the amount of hard disk space you want to give to your virtual machine, and weather you want machine in single virtual disk or in multiple. I am using the single on for me.

Set the amount of ram for your system.

The process will start after doing OK and installation of machine.

It will do rest of work it self.

Click on the reboot to start the system after fresh installation.

The system will start.

Do the setting according to your area and preference, if you have the lisence key than you can enter that or can skip it.

Your system is ready to be used....

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