Friday, June 10, 2011

How to install and configure Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum is one of the best open source forum available and quite easy to manage with very good features. Its new version has all the installation in the GUI mode so it creates the work more simple.

First of all download the simple machines forum from its site as in this demo i am using smf_2-0-rc5_install.tar.bz2

Extract it in the html folder or the place in the site where you want to add it. I have place it in html folder.
Rename the folder according to your need, In demo i have used name smf3.

#service httpd restart      //restart your Apache server so it can recognise it

Now go to your web browser and type you host name or IP which you are using followed by the path of the folder. As in example i have used

 You will get the welcome screen to the installation of the simple machines forum.

In this all the files are given which has to be given the write permission so that the can we can write data on them.

Define the username and password which you want to assign to your forum and your initial ftp path

Go to your your simple machines forum folder through terminal and change the permission of these files to write which are mentioned in the installation screen.

#chmod 777 name of the files

now go to your installation and click continue, you can also check if files are being writable or not by clicking on Click here.

Enter your database username and password, and the database name and table postfix you want to give.

Enter the name of the forum which you want to give.

Continue the setup.

Enter the username and password which you want to give to your admin and your database password

Your installation is complete and now you can use your Simple machines Forum. Here you can delete your install.php for the security purpose.

This is the view of your Simple Machines Forum, so enjoy it full.......

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